The following sites married my love of physical education and my new friend technology. Maybe not as helpful for all of you, but I found them very helpful to me. --This is educational blogs by discipline. For you teachers out there who are also interested in technology related to you and your discipline.

I used this assignment to discover things that might be useful in vocational education-specifically health care careers. In my search, I found confirmation of what most of us already figured out. The people we teach are the ones that will be caring for us..... l

I was really surprise that it was so easy to find blogs. Even the most remote blogs are found on the internet. I even looked for my own blog and found it. That is so cool! I decided that being connected to up to date news in education is important so I found this link This Week in Education. I also wanted to find a blog in my teaching discipline physical fitness. I think I will use these blog: Best of the Web: Physical Fitness Education ; Physical Education Update Blog .I wanted to see what it was like to change a appears to be easy.
My goal is to create a blog for my department at Mingus Union High School and I found a personal site much like what I want to create. Making Fitness Fun-Coach Lewis' Physical Education Blog
Lastly, I found a site that lists a bunch of other blog sites… it was like the mother lode. Top 100 Education Blogs Hart, is a Social Media and Learning Consultant. She features articles every day about (e-)learning and it sounds like she will be a good source of information plus she is in the UK so I can get a different outlook. one is from an NJ teacher.. had a really fun PowerPoint presentation analysis by someone else on it. I think I will use the points he presented! Walters sounds like she will be very interesting to follow. She apparently writes articles for this subject (social networking) and it seems she has a very varied following.

I must say I have been selfish in my search, as I only looked for English teaching blogs. Sorry.
1. / - this blog presents teaching resources for grades K-12, obviously for English teachers. It provides lesson plans, WebQuests, videos, biographies, e-texts, criticism, jokes, puzzles and classroom activities. I must say, I printed several activities for Julius Caesar while I was doing this. :0)
2. - this is a blog that is specifically designed for teachers, people who want to be teachers and for "teacher boosters". This organization offers resources such as free posters, and teacher discounts, offers information regarding certification and employment and provides link to many other resources.
3. - good blog for resources although navigating through it gets a little tricky.

One thing is sure... there is no end to educational blogs and blogs about using technology. I like to start with lists. There was no end to those either. So I started here: . Pretty no-nonsense page the holds an online education database, providing lots of links to a wide variety of educational resources.
As I was interested in E-learning, I clicked on a few in that category, landing me here: . Well, that was a list too, many of which I had already visited.
One of those was . While a commercial page, her presentations are all online in PDF format. Pretty good stuff.
Next stop /. Free is always good. Looked like there will be good resources here. But for now I did not linger.
Then I landed at / and there I stayed awhile. The article that caught my attention was one on GPS technology. I am currently learning the intricacies of GIS, where I intend to locate and map cultural entities for the Nation. Thinking how it can be used to educate is an extension of what we are planning to do. Just got back from Ft. McDowell (rez) tonight. As we drove with a vanfull of elders, I could have been clicking away as they pointed out landmarks and other things.
So many toys and tools... so little time.
I teach art, media arts, and American history. So I have been looking for blogs that I would find interesting in those areas.
I'm impressed with Craig Roland's "Art Teacher's Guide To The Internet." He seems to troll the web and come up with the most interesting sites and technologies and turns some of what he finds into lessons. And Roland finds a site that may be a great resource but is not organized as well as he would like, he makes it understandable to his readers:
Jeff Mummert has taught history for 15 years and combines his grab-bag of lessons with his interest in the offerings and resources on the Internet to suggest interesting uses of online resources:
My third selection is not an educational blog per se, but it is educational in that it offers up descriptions and reviews of the latest hardware and software, much of which can be used in educational settings (you can tell hat I'm dreaming of what I can do with grant money). David Pogue is a wonderfully entertaining and knowledgeable technology writer for the New York Times:

Well, first of all, I am a bit of a contrarian. I like all of this techno change, even though I am a pitiful practitioner of it. I like Wikipedia, as I have never seen a professor or a book free of error or bias or viewpoint. "Peer-reviewed" is just another name for censorship and conformity and I believe it is one of the greatest impediments to paradigm change in many professions, most notably medicine. Blogs and wikis sidestep the conventional wisdom, and thus offer hope for the future. We need to end an educational system based on the needs of the 18th century. And I am just as convinced English grammar and usage will soon be changing, as well. So I looked for blogs with a similar nutcase viewpoint.
Here is an interesting one with a radical bent, and a recent blog on critical thinking, the one skill that even technology can't alter:
I also like, which is focused on the philosophical issues that technology is presenting to formal education, rather on the new tools themselves (for which I have Todd and Ruth et al).
And I like this site mostly because of the off-the wall items and applications that actually look fun, instead of highbrow:
This last one isn't a blog per se, but it has some of the only clinically-proven programs for changing brains and allowing for greater learning, particularly for those with ADD, etc.:

This was a fun exercise - I got to see a lot of interesting blogs, and had a hard time picking only 3. - The post that really caught my eye is from July 24th, 2009, “On what it would mean to really teach ‘naked’” – referring to an article and discussion about teaching with out technology. This entire blog is dedicated to the use of technology written by Dr. Dave Parry or the University of Texas at Dallas. There is also a whole series about using blogs in the classroom – there is so much content on this site, it would take weeks to read! He as everything sorted and categorized – by topics, by technology, by date. ( - First, I loved this blog visually! It’s worth the click, just to see their header! This site is edited by Thomas Hanson, a retired superintendent. This blog has a wide range of discussions posted, nicely organized, and he also discussed teaching naked! - I liked this blog by Jeff Cobb because of all the other elements also included – pod casts, newsletters, and lists of others sites, like the specific post I chose in the link. This blog’s posts are brief and to the point, very easy to read and quickly gather resources and ideas from. The Power of Educational Technology is run by a woman who is the Academic Director of Technology at an all boys’ school outside ofBoston. Her writings are current and discuss the positives and negatives of some of today’s technology, and the difficulty many teachers face when learning new technologies. Lots of information here! I found his writing very interesting. I was particularly intrigued by his Sept 22 posting, which talks about the “new generation” learner who does not want to read instruction manuals and is used to opening a piece of technology—GPS, video game, cell phone—and punching buttons until he understands how it works. Most of the time these devices have the directions embedded in them and that is actually the only way to find out how to use them! I found Mr. Warlick’s comments interesting and accurate. The Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki A. Davis, is packed (and a little overwhelming) with a huge list of authors to follow on twitter, an extensive educational book list, blogrolls and many more ways to springboard from her site to others.

Rethinking Learning -
Innovative learning techniques involving technology such as blogging, Twitter, and sharing information with Creative Commons licensing are often featured here.

A GeekyMomma's Blog -
Making a career change and returning to teaching, this GeekyMomma has plenty to share about technology and education.

Angela A Thomas -
Dr. Thomas includes plenty of information about technology, especially as it pertains to education, in her blog. Use multimedia in very creative ways.

Hope you enjoys these and find them useful

Here are three educational technology blogs for those who really need them? Or want them.

1) 2 Cents Worth -- -- This man gives his so-called 2 cents worth on every subject imaginable. Look at his current entry on digital watches.
2) Teachers Teaching Teachers -- This blog consists of weekly educational updates on a variety of topics for teachers to revel in and about. Check out their discussion on "youth voices", an excellent resource for students.
3) The Junk EduBlog -- / -- A unique site where you can click on pictures and graphics of several educators from around the world and scroll to their own blogs. I guess the "junk" means it covers everything under the sun and moon. Enjoy.
These sites and others listed come from . Check out her other blog listings on ed tech.---- I like this blog it was done by Liz B. Davis she is the Director of Academic Technology at Belmont Hill School. She has written a book also called 21st century technology tools. Her blog has many interesting and helpful links about technology in Education. I like this one also it has many different helpful fun power points on education and also interrogating technology workshops. The site is very educational and a source of information. I like this one also the blog is done my Frank Lupo it is a fun blog with many helpful wiki links and professional links as well. I also like his learning style as he describes it. this is in general a very informative place to go and also like the __meta-web-2.0__ he has on his blog an innovative EFL for educator in Mexico,Latin America and beyond.
All these blogs are just a needle in a hay stack of helpful blogs out their for our references. We may not agree with all the blogs chosen but that's the beauty of technology in education not just one way of someones teaching ideas is the best.
A PBS blog, with host Andy Carvin “iexplores how new technology and Internet culture affect how educators teach and children learn. . .wikis, blogs, vlogs, RSS, podcasts, social networking sites, and the always-on culture of the Internet are impacting teacher and students' lives both inside and out of the classroom.” It is easy to click on the topics archives to pull up these and other topics. You can sign up to subscribe by email or get an RSS News Feed. You can also search with search terms and archives by month.
Free Technology for Teachers
This blog is a “review of free technology resources and how teachers can use them. Ideas for technology integration in education.” It was voted a 2008 EDUblog award winner. I saw some materials I could download and use right away. You can subscribe to the blog by email or RSS feed. You can search by topic or see the top rated posts.
I got hooked on this reading David Warlick’s most recent entry “Reasoning our way in”. The blog is visually appealing and gets you thinking about how education is/needs to change. Under the “about” tab he promises to reveal the widgets and plugins he uses to get some of the interesting effects on his blog (under construction.) This is also a 2008 EDUblog award winner, lifetime achievement.

Jane's E learning Pick of the Day - Contains links to the most recent educational technology and blogs.

Emerging Internet Technologies for Education - A site that links to sites that engage students and enhance learning outcomes with the help of internet technologies

Alan November Weblog - Information and handouts on the latest technology such as mobile podcasts with G cast. Alan November has been a promoter of educational technology since the 1980s.