Collected Blogs Fall 2010

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Todd's Blogs
I like this because it is usually light hearted, sort of, and it is about faculty issues at the community college level. The author is pretty reflective of the events he encounters. It is a blog on the Chronicle of Higher Education site.
I follow this guy on Twitter. He is usually pretty clear and thoughtful in his posts. The site here is a blog, and it used to be much simpler. He has become pretty well recognized in the ed tech community and his site has grown to monstrous proportions. Good for him. Sometimes he gets some other heavy weights commenting on his blog.
3. As I am going first, I get to use our textbook authors blog:

Lisa's Blogs -
1. Scott McLeod’s Mind Dump -
Oh, to have a mind that needs dumping... this blogger is a thinker… he blogs sometimes several times daily researching (Googling???) everything that he can think of as far as education. He often references other blogs and websites so I’m not sure how much of the thinking is his own -- interesting reading nonetheless and truly a blog that I can spend a lot of time reading!
2. BlogU -
I do think it is important for educators to know how to reach and teach their students that are on the autism spectrum. I appreciate this blogger’s ability to take Temple Grandin’s insight into the thinking/learning processes that an autistic individual goes through and querying as to how a teacher would approach teaching these individuals in order to optimize their learning experience.
3. Grandview Elementary School Library Blog -
This is an elementary school library blog. Although the blogger has moved on to a new job, the archived Grandview Library blog continues to exist and is a goldmine of links to authors’ sites, e-books, research tools, library newsletter, projects, lesson plans, etc., etc., etc. for school librarians.

Jacquie's Blogs -

I love using the Internet for research....Several years ago, a close friend of mine told me that she was taking on online math class and said, "You should be doing this!" It wasn't until I started taking classes online myself two years ago that I became interested in teaching a math class online. For more than a year now, I've been following two online teaching blogs, Teach Online and Teaching in Pajamas in my research into this field. I like how blogs like these give me a glimpse into the experiences of other people who are working in a field that I am "researching". I was very excited to be offered the opportunity to teach online for the first time this fall, and these blogs have provided education, valuable tips and inspiration.
Since working with Todd and Stacey this past summer, and now with this class, I am becoming more and more interested in learning about and using the technology that's available to enhance my classes. Since I work for a public high school, funds are tight. Two blogs that offer good information, including free technology, are Free Technology for Teachers and Teaching College Math. The Teaching College Math blog not only talks about the blogger's experience in incorporating technology as she teaches, but also provides instruction, as in the post, "5 tips for using a bamboo tablet". (Guess what I am learning to use right now???). I find the ability to be able to search past blog posts for topics that I am interested in one of my favorite features of blogs!
The musings of a math teacher, I found in Kiss My I enjoy reading about techniques that this third-year math teacher is trying out in his classes, and how they are working for him.

Madaly's Blogs
1 .LEGO NXT Robotics Engineering Curriculum Blog for Teachers
For teachers that need a good tool for development projects integrating Science, Math and Technology. In this blog you will find interesting ideas to work with LEGO NXT Robotics, fun and useful links for students, homework documents, etc. The curriculum was development by Carnegie Mello Robotics Academy.
2. A Chat with Mary…
Mary Frazier made a nice blog for share with us practical ideas for implementing technology in the classroom like a connecting educator with the global education community and students with the world
3. The Power of Educational Technology
This blog is interesting because have information demonstrating the power of technology to transform learning, a good blogroll with access to other educational technology blogs and good section for reading.

Gail's 3 Blogs It’s not all flowers and Sausages. Just the name of this blog sounds like fun. This one is written by a 2nd grade teacher who tells it like it is, including the funny parts about teaching in a classroom. She says, “Sometimes a girl’s gotta vent.” I could get into this one at the end of the day. Early Stories is a blog that focuses on the issues relevant to early childhood learning. I would go here if I wanted theory or to see what the current trends and buzz words are in the field. This blog of a first grade classroom could be just the ticket for seeing what is possible for first graders to do. There are numerous examples of blogging. This blog is current as of November 2010 and it has links to many other suggested blogs