I like these two links because they are focused on business issues, which is where I teach:
I also liked this site for its information on a variety of places to create wikis:
I am convinced that I will be developing one of these for one of my classes in the future. The benfits just seem huge to me, now that I am exploring the concept in detail. I am not worried about the negatives of students being able to enter and update entries, and it just seems like a great forum for the interchange of ideas, which is what I think a college class should really be. The key isue is time - not just in developing the wiki lesson plan for a future class, but even answering this very question...

This site is teaching how to edit and post wiki's. I think it has helpful info for those like me who have never used a wiki before.
This is a wiki being used to teach poetic hip hop. I think it is a good example of how a wiki is being used to teach.

I am somewhat frustrated in my search for successful wiki lesson plans in the subject areas of my interest. I’ve gone to the discussion board and thought to springboard off of some wiki’s mentioned but find that my searches within wiki sites like www.wikiteach.org/ take me to standard lesson plans and not to wiki’s.
I finally stumbled on a wiki lesson plan at connectonline.co.uk, http://www.curriki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Coll_andyhannaford/TheSecondWorldWar?bc=;Coll_bestofcurriki.Bestofgr6%2D811%2D13yronCurriki_0;Coll_bestofcurriki.BestofSocialStudiesforgr6%2D811%2D13yr , and came upon a link in one of the postings to an incredibly unique multimedia online presentation of D-Day, http://www.connectedonline.co.uk/LodestarProjects/D-Day_Mapper/index.htm , created by ConnectEd Online Learning using Lodestar Mapper. Is anyone familiar with this group? Or the program used to create it? It’s outstanding; not necessarily for the subject matter, but for the presentation. Really worth taking a look.

This was actually very intriguing - amazing there are that many out there now!
Interesting plan, wanted to see what they are learning in High School these days and am impressed at this plan. I didn’t’ know what del.icio.us was (a bookmarking service) and had fun looking it up. Then actually found a few sites on it that I needed for another class.
This lesson plan basically describes how to get users to move around in the Internet, finding various requested sites. It gave a good “reason” to look at specific sites. It actually gave me a few ideas for creating a new section to my Internet.


Site has a good selection of models for lesson plans as well as tools and categories which pertain to various subject of study. Easy to navigate and pretty straight forward.

WIKI’S in the Classroom
Nice collection of lists with many examples on how wiki’s can and have been used in the classroom. Various examples from various kinds of classes.

50 Ways to Use Wikis for a more collaborative and interactive classroom: Provides ideas that can easily be incorporated in lesson plans. Categories include: Resource creation, Student participation, Group projects, Student interaction, For the Classroom, Community and Other.

http://wik.ed.uiuc.edu/index.php/Wikis_in_Online_Education This website suggests the use of Wikis in online classes. It has samples of Wiki activities one could use in online courses along with lots of other information on Wikis and it appears to be a password protected Wiki itself!

http://www.readwritethink.org/lessons/lesson_view.asp?id=1087 This is a lesson plan that shows Wiki possibilities: Collaborating,Writing, Linking: Using Wikis to Tell Stories Online
"Students begin by reading untraditional books that use fragmented storylines, multiple perspectives, and unresolved plots. They apply these same types of strategies to their own writing, which they then publish using wiki technology. In doing so, students practice important literacy skills including searching for information, integrating images into text, and creating storylines that are reflective of the new types of reading found on the Internet."Ok, after some googling and reading, I like the following sites best:

http://www.curriki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/WebHomeThis appears to have extensive contributions from many different sources, well organized, with clear categories and ratings.

Likewise, this site is easy to use, and has a broad range of lesson plans. I looked at one example: http://school.discoveryeducation.com/lessonplans/programs/time/ from wikiteach, and really like how comprehensive it was, I could imagine this would be a wonderful resource for home schoolers as well as teachers. I am going to pass it on to a friend who just started homeschooling this year!

Wiki's in Physical Education AAPHERD Presentation
This site was cool because it was encouraging and educating the P.E. teacher on how to create a wiki site for their content. They were pushing a different wiki set up, but all built on the same premise. I will go back to this as I explore setting up my wiki. This is not an actual wiki site but it is how to create one for my content area. Although it is not a lesson plan, it will help me to develop a wiki lesson plan.
I thought of Cindy Forsythe when I saw this wiki because of the work experience site she wants to create at MUHS. This looked really cool!
This website wiki was made for a school district and was intended to be an eToolBox of resources for integrating technology in the classroom.
This site required you to sign in or sign up. However the sidebar had intriguing info about how to use wikis in education and examples of educational wiki’s.
For those of you having a hard time finding wiki’s like I did at first, just type in educational wikis. When you get to this site it gives you an unlimited supply of wikis with lesson plans to choose from.
This was one of my most favorite ideas……meeting up virtually with students by running the distance it takes to get there. This could be used in so many ways in physical education.
Sorry so many….after I found the wiki’s I was fascinated by the creativity of them.

This site has lots of lesson plans and information for teachers of all grade levels and subject areas. I checked out many of the high school language arts pages and I think I will be visiting this site often for my own classes!

There are lots of opportunities on this site to find lessons for all grade levels and subject areas. Literature is weak, but when I typed in English there were many more options with one page being a list of good Language Arts websites.

A good example of student portfolios
This link has 3 lesson plans related to work experience

Lesson plan on student sharing their job as a tour guide.