This is one of the best I have found as it covers so much about learning, teaching, the web and technology:
This is a wonderful site for teaching elementary students. It has video, cartoons, games and great links. I was looking up health wiki lesson plans. At the bottom of the page click on Interactive lessons and you get a whole a-z list of information for any topic. They have done all the reseach for you. I think this would be super for kids. or
Great cool sites for high school or college students to learn anatomy and physiology. They have an entire book split into unit sections. Click on the heart or blood pressure and watch the heart pump. I am excited to find this and can definately use it in teaching health and nursing. There is also one for microwiki.
This is a Women in Literature course in Wikiversity that shows how an entire online course could be put in a Wiki. It is a little bare bones for my taste, but it shows how a Wiki could replace Blackboard as a platform for an entire course. This one contains: The syllabus, helpful links, a discussion board, and a place to link to the final paper for the course.
This is a blog about using hip hop in education. It has a resources tab and a lesson plans section. It links to this "poetics of hip hop" lesson plan, which I think would be really fun in an ENG 102 course. In a course where the teacher was taking a cultural studies approach, this could be a really great resource for both the student and the teacher.
This is the Wiki for AP Literature students at High Point Regional High School. They have collected their literary criticism for a number of authors to use a a study resource. It really shows how students can collect content for a class and make learning collaborative.

Newspapers in Education.

After searching page after page on Google search, I finally found a wiki site that I liked. This page is easy to read. It's lessons are updated weekly, and revolve around a current newspaper.

I appreciate that the lessons and links are easy to see, with good color and are underlined so that I can skim quickly and print easily.

It has a user-friendly feel to it, in that it is categorized and cross referenced nicely.

This wiki lesson plan is geared towards elementary aged children. I like it because once again, it has color, and is easy to read, search, and find what interests me. It is in alphabetical order, with easy to find and follow links.