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Todd's Pictures

The Great Bot Project, from Dragonfly Labs.

The robot concept and prototype project for 5th Grade New Horizons at Lincoln School in Prescott, AZ. by Cosimo Bohrman
Slideshow on Webshots

This is an incomplete documentation of the build, but it will give you a general idea of the evening's activities. Cosimo hand-chose all of the metal parts from Joe Butitta, who we are grateful to.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: After careful planning, construction began by dismantling a pair of little sister's Barbie rollerskates for wheel and some bolts on hand (I had some explaining to do, later). They are very durable and worked perfectly on the sturdy base.
We thought we'd have to enlist the help of some friend's in the welding trade, but managed to bolt and twist everything together securely, even taking advantage of the lamp screw on the neck piece to hold the face plate on. It was a blast to work on this together, finding how all the parts fits together with ingenuity, creativity and luck, as well as a cupcake or two.
Cosimo presented his project to the class and answered questions from his colleagues. You can read his paper on the robot here.

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Susan--Legoland/San Diego Zoo/Oceanside Oct. 2009

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Tricia's Winston Churchill slide show for a lifelong learning class

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Elizabeth Gheiler and Son Trip to Pueblo Zoo