Here is where we can place our pictures. To do that, copy the HTML code from the Picasa site and click on the edit button on this page. Then click on the TV icon in the editor and select "other HTML." In the box that appears, paste the HTML code from Picasa. Make sure you have the blinking cursor at the bottom of the page as that is where the pictures will be placed. For additional information click on "How to Embed Slideshow" below this text.

If you are using Flickr, there are two options. Number One: You need to get the URL of the "set" That is easy to do. Then you need to copy that URL and go tohttp://flickrslidr.com/ Follow the directions and copy the HTML code the site generates for you. Once you have done that click on the edit button on the wiki here and select the TV icon. Go to the bottom most choice and select other HTML. Paste the HTML into the window and you'll get a single set like the one below.

Option Number Two: Using the Flickr widget in the wikispaces editor.
On your Flickr page go to the bottom and get the RSS feed link. You can do that by clicking on the little orange icon and copying the URL on the new page that comes up. Then click on the TV in the wiki editor and select slideshow. Then select Flickr and paste the new URL you just copied into the window provided. Click save.Please separate your embedded images with a horizontal rule. It is the icon next to the "link" icon in the edit bar.

Here is the link to a video on how to embed a picasaweb album: http://www.screencast.com/t/fRBZS1T7g9f

Todd's Pictures from the Grand Canyon this past May. These images are embedded from picasaweb. They are at the "x-large" setting which is 600 pixels wide. Perhaps after you add your images you can add a "horizontal rule" after them as I have here. It is the icon in the text editor to the left of the "link" button. Just to the right of the bulleted list icon.

Lisa's Pictures from our vacation in Alpine, AZ, this past June. My husband's siblings and their families have been vacationing in this remote town for close to 20 years. This is just an example of what we do without technology (other than a digital camera!!). We found this mug in one of the cabinets in the cabins where we were staying... one thing lead to another. Silly, I know, but definitely a fun project to do with the kids... and now for your viewing pleasure: The Saga of the Lemon Pig Clan!!!

Gail's pictures. These photos are of my last trip to Guatemala. This is one of my favorite places to visit. The people are great and the scenery is fantastic.

Jacquie's photos of Fort San Cristobal in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico (where I am from!)

Zion 10-10
Photos from this week's trip with my family to Zion National Park, Utah

Brittany's Photo's! Here are some photos from my Facebook. =]
Collection of pictures over time.

Thatcher's supersilly slideshow.
Here we were at the Folk Music Fest this year. A little daunting to play for a mostly adult audience, not to mention the president of the college was in the front row.

Madaly's Slideshow
Here pictures of San Francisco Beautiful city, My family and I enjoyed this visit and we want to return someday.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Gioia's slideshow
Here are some pics from our summer trip to Kauai.