The Big Outdoors
Here is where we can place our pictures. To do that, copy the HTML code from the Picasa site and click on the edit button on this page. Then click on the TV icon in the editor and select "other HTML." In the box that appears, paste the HTML code from Picasa. Make sure you have the blinking cursor at the bottom of the page as that is where the pictures will be placed. For additional information click on "How to Embed Slideshow" on the right side of this page.


If you are using Flickr, there are two options. Number One: You need to get the URL of the "set" That is easy to do. Then you need to copy that URL and go to Follow the directions and copy the HTML code the site generates for you. One you have done that click on the edit button on the wiki here and select the TV icon. Go to the bottom most choice and select other HTML. Paste the HTML into the window and you'll get a single set like the one below.

Option Number Two: Using the Flickr widget in the wikispaces editor.
On your Flickr page go to the bottom and get the RSS feed link. You can do that by clicking on the little orange icon and copying the URL on the new page that comes up. Then click on the TV in the wiki editor and select slideshow. Then select Flickr and paste the new URL you just copied into the window provided. Click save. It will look like the slideshow below and either way yields the same results.


So, I guess my left is right, or the right in the video is my left? Well, I tried to be funny. Not funny looking, just funny, and I couldn't keep my directions strait. Well, you'll get the idea anyway.

Megan's Photosharing

Thatcher's photosites

I have accounts on different photoshares. Shutterfly has an easy way to create a website with your photos that includes a blog, members and other features. Here is our little league team site.

I like the webshots slideshow, which has the option to include audio (not included in this one:).

Winter Survival Course

Rob's pictures from Disneyland 2007

Todd's pictures from the Grand Canyon.

Mark's Bike Ride to Sedona with Map and photos embedded in the map...

Click the small camera icon and then click "next" to see more photos. (Tiny Picasa Slideshow to the right of House Mountain from Breaverhead Flat Road)

Spring 2009 Verde Valley Campus Mural Project.
Creating a study garden on the Learning Center patio.
Submitted by Lori Kimble

Chris's pics of daughter's commencement from UCI - Ph.D. Yep, a very proud and happy moment!

More cat photos

Cal's Photos of Miscellaneous Stuff

Tina's Critical Thinking slides

Mark Lienau's Havasupai trip

Sheryl's Christmas Cruise to Mexico, 2008

Some of Ethan's Ireland Pictures....(I hope)

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Danna's Pictures

Teresa's Pictures

Sheryl Minarik's overseas photos

Tricia's Winston Churchill photos for lifelong learning