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Danielle's Pictures

Todd's Pictures from rim to rim Grand Canyon hike last summer.

Ruth's SlideShare
As many of you know, I teach a class on a Virtual Environment known as Second Life. Within this pixelated world, Rah Rehula owns a small shop known to others as "The Happy hat". These are images of items within the shop that have been "blogged" about...and sold!

Pictures of VVL Class Members from different years from the Verde Valley Leadership Flickr site...I am a board member of this group; and since I can access these pictures and don't have any of mine on this site, I thought I would just show you these. They are from various Issue Days when a class delves into a specific issue, such as government or education or environment or regional issues, etc. An Issue Day is wholly unique, taking place in different locations throughout the Verde Valley and Sedona. Each day can include presentations, panels, field trips, group exercises, etc. This is a two-year program and each class must not only attend Issue Days, but also host one or two along with other responsibilities they take on in order to graduate from the program. The mission of the organization is: VVL provides growth opportunities, leadership skills and community issues training, while cultivating diverse, influential networks. For more information, contact Alex


My Son's science project was due tomorrow, and he was done, except for some images. "Dad, I need some pictures of tendons."
Obliging, I Googled "tendon and ligament high resolution science" and found a photo linked to a fabulous site,, where there are medium resolution (500px) downloads which are watermarked. Their terms forbid use without permission, so I am contacting them in the UK to see if student or teacher use is permitted with remuneration. In the meantime I will post my tendon slideshow here with an eye to "cease and disist" if necessary.


The plan is to form a collection of photos for fun to make for serious learning.

Trisha's Hiking Class (REC112: Hiking Fitness) We do 8 hikes per semester, in the Sedona area. Our last hike was to Secret Canyon.

Molly and Greg in Flagstaff - 5 feet of snow!

BMHS Computer Apps, et al.