Danielle Rosenberg ePortfolio Blog. I really learned a lot. Thank you for working with me.

Alex's EI, Education and Leadership Blog (Alex's ePortfolio Blog) It was nice to pull in all the elements we discussed into one social media area like the blog. This class had alot of ideas for me to try out and provided an opportunity to experiment.

Joanne Oellers ePortfolio Blog. I really enjoyed this project :- )

Molly Beauchman's ePortfolio wiki: This doesn't have much but gave good practice for what I'd like to do with more time in the summer.

Joshua Riffel's ePortfolio blog this really brought everything together!

Jeri Hamilton's ePortfolio http://jerihamiltone-portfolio.blogspot.com/
Definitely need to practice--but it was fun!

Trisha Travis' Verde Learning Center Tutors' Ning - Also links to the training program (at least the first module of it) I created on Edmodo. Ning incorporates a blog, discussion forum, wiki resources for tutors, & virtual visit to the Learning Center video. Feedback is welcome!

Sukey Waldenberger: www.argfored.blogspot.com

Rick Burd: Last Shot.http://eduweekeight.blogspot.com/ So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Judie Piner's eportfolio http://nativedigitalstorytelling.blogspot.com/, but check my regular blog for comments too. Thanks for everything.